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Gold Jewellery

Golden Goodies

See yourself in a golden glow with gold-plated jewellery

Are you crazy about gold? We've got you. Gold is the epitome of exclusivity and good style, and at Pilgrim you can choose from a large selection of gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold watches, gold rings for women - yes, gold jewellery for women in general. Add a golden touch to your look with perfect gold plated items from Pilgrim.
Classic, timeless and often with a twist; Pilgrim gold jewellery can be used for everything, at work, with friends or for a party. And they're also ideal as a gift idea for a woman you love. Get an easy overview of all the golden goodies by clicking below to see if anything is tempting.

Tanned skin and golden jewelry

Whether you're partying, at the beach, at work or at home, one or more gold jewellery adds a touch of luxury to both you and your outfit.
Put the golden goodies together with a simple outfit in delicate hues, or give it one over the hat with colors and details - and gold jewelry, of course. Tanned skin further emphasizes the golden tones of the jewellery; a simple and classic gold bracelet on a bar, summer brown arm, preferably put together with one or more beautiful gold rings on the tan hands, is both elegant and summery. If you are going to a party, you can complement it with a matching gold necklace - for example, a simple and classic if your outfit is detailed, while you can choose a necklace with more vivid if your outfit is simple and subdued in colors. Explore our beautiful golden items at Pilgrim and find your favorites.

Golden earrings for everyday and party

Are you into gold or silver - or both? The jewellery fashion means you don't have to choose; you can go for both and mix and match as you like. A few small and simple earrings in gold can easily be combined with a silver plated necklace and vice versa. If you have several holes in the ears, you can also choose either to combine metals or different styles of gold earrings. It gives a nice, slightly edgy look, and at the same time gives you the chance to air several of your favorite gold earrings at once. Explore our beautiful golden earrings at Pilgrim and select the pair or pairs that best emphasize your style and personality.

Golden bracelets galore

Tanned arms, fluttering dresses and bracelets that sparkle like the purest gold on the wrist. Complete your style with the most beautiful golden bracelets from Pilgrim. Look for the very fine and refined gold bracelets for a subtle look - possibly combine some pieces, preferably in different golden shades for a great color play. Or go all-in, and choose the more chunky and eye-catching bracelets - also preferably in combination - to accentuate both your outfit and your personality.

A small ring of gold

... or more. You will find everything the heart desires of golden rings at Pilgrim. Whether you prefer it simple or you live by the motto more is more, we have what you need. A golden ring with a conspicuous stone is ideal for party use, possibly supplemented with an elegant cocktail dress, while for example a completely stylish and tightly designed gold ring can be used for both cowboy pants and the big scrap metal. Only your imagination, your style and your personality set the boundaries, so look at the wide range of gold rings and choose your favorite.