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I am Pilgrim


Inspired by the world around us and true to our spirit, we seek the stories to be told again. It's all about love, curiosity, the spontaneous, the immediate, the original and the authentic all reflected in our proud Danish design. Pilgrim is about going out in search of new things, new ways and new adventures. It is not only the destination that matters, but also the way to it. Follow our cultural and historical journey in a diverse universe of jewelry, made by hand and heart, with classic and experimental jewellery that is ultimately defined by you and your personal story.



Goddess of life and destiny. Valkyria represents the key styles of the collection with jewelry inspired by the strong and intense, yet graceful goddess. With her abilities, she decides the fate of the warriors and chooses who is allowed to move on to the afterlife. Valkyria's superior strength is expressed in the key style collection's raw statement jewelry and in the interpretation of feminine, Nordic symbols.


Women Of The North 

Inspired by the Nordic goddesses, Pilgrim pays homage to the female forces and characters of the past. Valkyria, Rán, Freya, Sigyn and Frigg are all portrayed with jewelry inspired by their unique and individual abilities. The design and expression is characterized by the harsh but fine nature of the North and uses sacred, feminine symbols derived directly from Nordic mythology. With a raw and fine expression, the collection is the result of the startling expression that arises when contradictions meet jewelry that is both earthly and divine.