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Layering Perfection

Layering Perfection

Your styling guide to a cool look with layered necklaces

The style in which one necklace was enough is in the past. The latest jewellery trend dictates several necklaces at once - layer upon layer is in and everything is allowed. Mix metals, lengths, styles, designs and expressions, and make the style your own. Personal touch is also one of the strongest trends of the time when it comes to jewellery. Use heirlooms and new finds at the same time; it gives you a unique expression that no one else is quite like. We've put together all of our favorites in this styling guide for you - a styling guide to a cool look with layered necklaces you can be inspired by.

2. Combine necklaces in different lengths

Where the trend once dictated that necklaces should be the same length, today there is free play. Wear long, short and medium necklaces in a beautiful combination and see how it adds both edge and style to your look.
Do not be afraid to mix thin and heavy necklaces, or necklaces with and without eye-catching pendants.
It is the blend that makes your look both interesting and unique.


3. Use necklaces with barre pendants

A pendant is not just a heart, a zodiac, or a small, glittering stone. It can also be a horizontal or vertical bar of silver or gold-plated metal, which adds extra edge to your look. Necklaces with barre pendants are often a bit more 'raw' in their expression. The bar can be light or heavy, long or short and as mentioned, it can be both horizontal and vertical. Choose your barre necklace in silver or gold - or go for both.



4. Mix metals

Where it was not comme il faut to wear gold and silver jewellery at the same time, it is very modern today. Therefore, mix metals safely when going with multiple necklaces at once. For example, select your favorite necklaces in silver and your favorite gold chains - and remember that they don't have to be the same length. In fact, it is an advantage if they are not, as it gives a more careless and thus modern look. At Pilgrim you will find both silver, gold and rose gold plated necklaces as well as beautiful dark hematite colored chains.